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In 1996, the Olympics torch relay routed to San Mateo. My colleagues and I have a chance to meet the Olympian (I believe he was Mr. Jensen). From left: Myself, Jacquelyn, Jensen?, Mary K, George.

Get a Certificate of Appreciation for participation in the Civic Center Logo Design Contest in event of Revitalization SF civic center area, signed by Wille Brown, the Mayor.

All of the art designs were displayed in the front of SF City Hall lobby for a short of time.

The note: "Whereas, the City and County of San Francisco recognizes your community spirit and interest in the revitalization of San francisco's civic center are as relfected in your participation in the Civic Center Logo Design Contest"

Recognized for 15 years of services with HPSM, presented by Richard Gordon, County Supervisor on the commission meeting.

Health Plan of San Mateo mission statement - Vision: HPSM believes in affordable health care for all of San Mateo County’s underserved residents. Our motto is “healthy is for everyone.”

Pictured in the background were all the HPSM commissioners.

Wendy and I met San Francisco Police Chief, Heather Fong Oct. 2007 on the way to the BlueAngels Air Show.

At the St. Patrick's Day Parade '09 in San Francisco, we have seen the current City Mayor and others: The San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsome (Wendy waived them) the Biography
2nd picture: California State Senate, Leland Yee , talking with photograper. And Carmen Chu, center, SF City Supervisor. And State Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, not pictured.

Wendy and I met South San Francisco Mayor, Karyl Matsumoto May 16, 2009 on dedication day of Centennial Way cutting ribbon.

20th anniversary employment recognization day on the Commission meeting at Health Plan of SanMateo, presented by HPSM CEO, Maya Altman.

Wendy and I met fitness instructor, Denise Austin (Wiki) in July 25, 2009 when we pick up for SF Marathon package. She was once member council on physicial fitness for the white house.

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